lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Lanzarote ride

Sometimes winter is not that bad. Recently I flew to Lanzarote, one the Canary Islands, real Africa in Europe. I joined there the 40 Th Birthday of one of my best friends, Mario Izquierdo, who works in Arrecife as a lawyer. We are friends from the University times. It´s been a long journey since then. He has got a wife, Alba, the best one, and two beatiful children: Patricia and Marta. Meanwhile, I grew up a lot of miles.

As I can not be far from a bike, I hired an Honda Transalp and got lost on the dirt paths. Away from the beaten tracks, that island is incredible. I highly recomend it. The bike was pretty ok to ride those gravel roads. The small Honda 600 is much lighter than Little Fat, but that motorcycle was in terrible condition. In some way, a motorcycle for hire is always a princess forced to act as a whore. Nobody loves them.

I am sad to say, but I left it even worse.

Have fun.